Sunday, September 5, 2010


A toast to you all

If I could wake up every day to that it would be sweet. Some VH secretness to come soon.

Some sweet Beartrap news to come soon as well too but too early to talk about it right now. until then

ps. -

Thursday, September 2, 2010


A big ol' fuck yeah for facebook and web-based social networking sites.
Last night I lost my wallet and today I recieved a message from somebody on facebook saying they had found it and would like to return it. Totally awesome. This girl gets total double triple ninja awesome merits for not being a chump.

Once I lost this wallet in Reykjavik, Iceland. It was the second week of September 2006 and I am pretty sure it fell out of lap when I stepped out of the car to let somebody in the back seat. Anyways so I have no money left and I was stuck in Iceland for a few more days, totally worked out fine got home, no wallet = bummer.
Fast forward to that same week in 2007. Icelandic hardcore band I Adapt is playing a show at my house. I take some money out of my bank to make sure I can give them money if we don't make enough from the "door" The show happened. It was awesome. We went out to get some pizza and my card declined / wouldnt go through. wtf! I figured the strip on my card was worn out so I pay some cash for my za and go on my way, the next day I go to use it and same thing so I call the bank and they tell me that somebody in Iceland turned my wallet in to the U.S. embassy and they called and put a hold on my bank account. 1 Year later to the week that I lost my wallet in Iceland on the day that my friends from Iceland were staying with me somebody returned my wallet. CRRRRRRRAAAAAAZZZZZZYYYYYYYYY.
so if you ever find one of these wallets

It is probably mine and I would love to have it back. or if you find any other wallet don't be a chump, find that poor person who lost their wallet ( or phone or whatever they may have lost that you be bummed to lose ) and return it! -
Party on -