Monday, May 3, 2010

Chocolate chip

So yesterday my friend Ricky Speed came up from Boston to get tattooed and hang out. It was sweet. Ricky plays guitar in the band RAMMING SPEED which is also very sweet. They just recently started working with Candlelight records. Check it out, and while you are checking it out, check out the record label run by my good friend and drummer of Ramming Speed and of my former band Backstabbers inc. Jonah has been working hard on his label for some time now and its totally rad, buy his records. - TDB RECORDS

Heres a couple other pieces I did in the past couple of weeks.

and I just found these pictures, Here a couple prints I did last fall -

both of these first two (the finger and nose) are done with pronto plates

And this last one is a monoprint underneath a digital print on acetate.

I just found out that tonight there will be a dinner/recruitment for Life Chiropractic College Life is the school my father went to and although I am doing other things I still have always had in interest in practicing chiropractic. I am pretty excited to learn a little more about this school and maybe this dinner tonight will inspire me to finish my undergraduate studies, but who knows about that. -

party on -