Sunday, February 28, 2010



That is my good friend Omar's first tattoo. It's on his hip and nicely pokes out of his pants line. I have known Omar for almost 20 years now.

We had a photo shoot at Blndsght A couple weeks ago. Liz Donnelly of Liz Donnelly Photography was awesome enough to come and take photos of Watson's work and indulge me in a little photo shoot between folks.
Here is what happened

and here is what I did to Watson's station while he was in Georgia

The past couple of weeks have been fun. Played a couple shows, Sam set up the myspace for Waranimal. check it out!

I also got to do some fun work -

I also got my throat tattooed this month. We finished it last thursday. Not the best pictures but check it out. I am totally stoked on it. -


Monday, February 8, 2010


This past weekend was the Mad Hatter convention in South Portland at Govenor's. I got a a sweet Gasmask apparatus. totally awesome, then I tattooed Matt's shin -

I also watched ong bak 2 which was awesome a little difficult to follow and the end was not super awesome, buuuuutttttttttttttt, I just saw this and am now super pumped -


it looks like candy man meets deathwish meets conan the barbarian post tree of woe crucifixion, meets ONGBAK! aaahhhhh. its going to be so sweet.

Also I just found out that I have a a secret admirer looking for me on the craigslist missed connections -


i can not however believe that this is legit and not a certain somebody pickin on me or getting back at me for playing some jokes on them.

and speaking of jokes, this is old but I believe I am going to start back up with my high time for a jokes -

also photoshoot at blndsght today, I think I am going to dress like a shark maybe. or do some sweet face paint on myself. not sure yet.

Party on -

Thursday, February 4, 2010


I have been doing some fun work with color lately. I finished the first tattoo I did, it's on my little brothers leg -

and speaking of Til death do us party tattoos my buddy tom decided to get one on his ribs and I got him to get the line work done without looking at the drawing at all so he had no idea what he was getting - this is what I did on tom -

he was stoked.

And then a couple other smaller pieces I did last week that I had some fun with -

Tomorrow is the deadline for the Metalicious art show going up at Sanctuary Tattoo this Friday for the Art Walk

I stayed up all night tonight listening to metal, watching Beavis and Butthead and wearing my manowar hat while doing a pastel drawing and putting samples on my dr sample sp202 so that Waranimal can have the chronicler samples we recorded when we play shows from now on. speaking of which - after the opening at Sanctuary this friday there is a metal show going on at Geno's down the road on congress st where my band waranimal will be playing with ruin and hessian. Anybody interested in going should come and party.
Sword and Stoned, 18x24, pastel.

and lastly, here is me keepin it real with the some dude from the Maine Red Claws

Drink oakhurst milk.
Party on