Friday, July 27, 2012

So no updates on this guy in a long time. I am working on a website in between tattooing and family. In the meantime you can reach me by email : or by calling or stopping by Hallowed Ground : 207 774 0008 - 610 congress St. Portland Maine
and anybody interested can look at my gallery on the Hallowed Ground Facebook page
Party on -

Monday, March 5, 2012

bigger boat

Some New work -

Waranimal Shows this weeekend starting with this one - its going to rule.

Friday, January 6, 2012


NEW WARANIMAL T SHIRTS - I think they came out pretty sweet. Printed by the folks of the FUN BOX MONSTER EMPORIUM

We are going out for a couple days this weekend with Falls of Rauros

Friday (tonight) in Portland - Flannel Magazine presents - Last Chance to Reason, Waranimal, Falls of Rauros and Death Cloud @ Geno's.

Saturday in Boston - Phantom Glue, Living Void, Waranimal, Falls of Rauros, Bar Sinister @ what we talk about when we talk about partying

Sunday in Brooklyn - Brooklyn Vegan presents - Mortum, Falls of Rauros, Waranimal @ the Acheron

Should be an awesome weekend.

Some tatz

New Drawing

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I leave for tour January 6th -
Until then I will be doing $50 maine themed tattoos from this page here. Come and get em

I guess its been up there for a while but one of my tattoos ended up on Barred for life

HOT BELLIES - This idea I had that I hope to some day see realized. It was supposed to be an afterhours pizza delivery / dude escort(the plan was to just allow you to party with us) It was going to rule.

Killin Thyme

I found this recently packed away in a box of older drawings.

some tatuze

This is a woodblock I did at the Coast City Comicon as part of Chris Dingwell's Wet Paint Project

I will have finished all my school work ever this coming thursday and will have a bachelors degree in the art of printmaking as soon as it comes in the mail or whatever. FUCK YES!

Friday, December 9, 2011


I am now tattooing at Hallowed Ground and its pretty sweet. so party time.

a painting I did for a fundraiser for Matt Wallace.

Some other recent drawings.

Lots of other stuff has happened. I got married and that rules the most.

me and emma taking sweet wedding photos after the wedding.

Tom took tons of awesome photos. He rules. Check out his other photos on his website -
Tom Couture

Waranimal is going on tour with Falls Rauros in January and its going to rule.

We played at the Coast City Comic Con -

This guy was there

coolest costume ever

and we played as satan. Samuel Cousins was there too take photos. check out the gallery here

Life rules. though. Party on.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Some tattoos, some in progress, some finished.

A sign I did the other other day for my friend Mary's store

An exclusive sneak peek at some upside down crosswords from an activity book I'm working on.

some drawings and stuff.

and the coolest car I've ever seen

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I kneed you

Tons of new news. but whatever. Check this guy out that I did the other day. Sergio just wants line work on this leg. The photo might not be the best but you get the idea. I think its pretty sweet.

Also I just finished doing some work on a tour poster for Sergio's band Trigger Effect who has a new video -

Hopefully they like the poster. I think its pretty rad.