Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I leave for tour January 6th -
Until then I will be doing $50 maine themed tattoos from this page here. Come and get em

I guess its been up there for a while but one of my tattoos ended up on Barred for life

HOT BELLIES - This idea I had that I hope to some day see realized. It was supposed to be an afterhours pizza delivery / dude escort(the plan was to just allow you to party with us) It was going to rule.

Killin Thyme

I found this recently packed away in a box of older drawings.

some tatuze

This is a woodblock I did at the Coast City Comicon as part of Chris Dingwell's Wet Paint Project

I will have finished all my school work ever this coming thursday and will have a bachelors degree in the art of printmaking as soon as it comes in the mail or whatever. FUCK YES!

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