Sunday, February 6, 2011

Knights of the Round wheel.

I got a show coming up in a couple weeks that I am setting up

come hang out. Its going to be way awesome.

the Urban Farm Fermentory
200 anderson st

- Wyld Stallyns on motorhead

The Proselyte
- loud, awesome, beards, long hair, sweet vocal harmonies and all sorts of cool shit. You will be stoked.

FALLS OF RAUROS - from a land so dark not even light could escape. Black metal. Post rock. Folk.

There will be a cider bar in effect so you can try some of Eli's delicious cider ( it'll get you drunk!!)
Tip the man well.
party hard
Party again but harder
PLAY AIR GUITAR THE HARDEST ( headbanging too)

I / Waranimal through a beach party last week. It was so much fun, if you didn't come you should be bummed that you were not there tons of fun.
Waranimal's Winter Beach Ball
Corpse Pose
Bounce house, snowcone machine (for vodka snowcones), party tunes by Kurt Baker, Pirahna. FUCK YEAH!

These first few are shot by The Reverand, Aaron Pepelis (a rad dude) of Return to the Pit
The rest of his photos from the party can be seen here on the RTTP website

There were more pictures shot by Tom Couture (also a rad dude) Blogspot for some reason is giving me a hard time and won't let me put any of his photo's up right now. But you can and should see Tom's photos of the party on his website

Riding your bike in the snow is the best. Then it turns to rain and you are wearing all denim and ratty old slip-on shoes and it becomes awesome in a different way. I have decided to start a bike gang. The only thing is that there are not enough crucial bike folks in Portland for it to be really successful but whatever, it'll be one of those gangs that's spread out so it will be impossible to catch us all at once (if you for some reason decide to be a chump and be our enemies) I'm thinking of either resurrecting Crucial Crusades and either having my gang members be called crucial crusaders or the knights of the round wheel. Or it could be Crucial Crusades and the Knights of the round wheel. My other thought that I came up with tonight is to call it Positive Spin. I'm pumped about this. and You can only be in Positive spin (or positive spins? or is that too dorky?) anyway Posi Spins(for short) is all about having fun. So far all i can come up with is that you have to ride your bike for fun, not be like oh "I ride my bike its fun I guess" but you gotta be pumped on riding your bike and having fun. No snobs allowed cause that's no fun. I think you will probably also have to party on your bike, no way out of that one. Also you will have to howl like a wolf fairly frequently. I'm going to think of some sort of sweet totally fun initiation that proves you love partying and having fun. Also you'll have to call me Wheelie Machine. -


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