Thursday, August 12, 2010

I hate

Some things I hate -
- At a green light - people who don't pull into the intersection to turn left.

- Pedestrians crossing in front of cars or bikes or whatever who don't show the slightest effort to move across the street. At least just give that little one step hop thing that makes it look like you realize I am choosing not to turn you into road pizza.

- That damn Hp beats audio commercial with Dr Dre when his face mask lifts off. I hate it.

- Black and white pictures with a little bit of color in them (I really hate this)
example -

I hate hate hate hate hate hate this shit so much although I am sure there is a photo or two out there like this that I actually like, but I doubt that.

-I walked around the mall today waiting for sears to put new tires on my car and while looking at this t-shirt in hot topic; some girl asked me " Do you have My Chemical Romance wrist bands?" I hate that I look like I work in Hot Topic. ugghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Still somebody buy me that shirt cause its totally awesome.

However I do love
- Jumping off of shit into water



- Antrhax - Indians - Scott Ian with long hair, Headresses, Wardance mosh call @ 2:40 seconds in and then Scott Ian stage dive @ 2:54 seconds. FUCK YEAH. This makes me headbang so hard.

- And lastly Real ultimate power still gets me psyched.

Party on -

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