Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Summer 2010,
So far so good.
Swimming, shows, tattooing, bike riding, drawing, and fun.
I am currently floating around New England and available to come to wherever and do some tattoo work and am especially interested in doing some guest spots and meeting and working with new folks.

I also Just saw this cool contest and figured I would share with all of the nobody who reads this thing, but incase there is somebody that reads this they should also check this out and give it a shot, cause its a sweet deal if you win -


Stina is an excellent artist working at Tattoo Junkies in Portsmouth New Hampshire and she will be giving away a traditional style bust to the person with the best idea for their tattoo. So think of something really awesome and give it a shot and if you don't win hopefully you came with an idea so awesome you have to get it anyways.

Party on -

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